After collaborating with the ever-talented Ryan James Holzer on Billy Talbot Band’s sophomore album, Talbot called on long-time band mate, Ralph Molina, and former band member from The Rockets, George Whitsell, to join them at Light Rail Studios in San Francisco. In one day, the quartet came together and recorded twelve tracks that they began referring to as “Wolves.” Six months later, they joined forces again to record an additional six tracks, and subsequently four tracks were produced six months later. The energy and event of each of these three meetings produced their forthcoming rock album, Wolves EP, with Talbot on bass and harmonies, Holzer on guitar and lead vocals, Molina on drums and harmonies, and Whitsell on guitar and harmonies. The album artwork, courtesy of Jeff Chase, is indicative of the music and perfectly captures the energies generated by these four stellar musicians. Following the most recent recordings, Talbot gave Holzer the ’66 Gibson ES-335 he’d lent him during their sessions, a special instrument in guitar history.

Ryan James Holzer
Lyrics, Vocals, Guitar
Billy Talbot Band, Wolves
Ryan James Holzer
At the age of 17, Holzer left college in Lincoln, Nebraska for the Brooklyn music scene. It was around this time that Holzer reached out to Talbot on MySpace, asking him to listen to some of his work. Listening in the wee hours of the morning, Talbot thought Holzer’s song-writing was extraordinary.

After three years in Brooklyn, Holzer returned to his parents in South Dakota, met up with Talbot on his ranch and together they wrote “Big Rain.” Talbot called on Holzer to join the Billy Talbot Band on their second album where Holzer helped write both “The Herd” and “Running Around.” Along with Ralph Molina and George Whitsell, the four musicians recorded twenty-two of Holzer’s compositions and called the recordings “Wolves.”

Billy Talbot
Bass, Harmonies
The Cavaliers, The Impalas, Danny and the Memories, The Psyrcle, The Rockets, Crazy Horse, Billy Talbot Band, Wolves
Billy Talbot
William Hammond “Billy” Talbot is an American singer-songwriter and musician, best known as a founding member of Crazy Horse. Over the years, from New York to San Francisco, Billy led up bands such as The Cavaliers, The Impalas, Danny and the Memories, The Psyrcle, and the Rockets. In 1967, Billy connected with Neil Young and was invited to be in his backing band under the new name Crazy Horse.

Talbot began performing solo in 1999 at small venues, supported by fans of Crazy Horse. Talbot launched his solo career with the Billy Talbot Band, releasing the albums “Alive In The Spirit World” (2004) and “On The Road To Spearfish” (2013). Now, in 2014, the first album from his new band, Wolves, is set to release in January.

Ralph Molina
Drums, Harmonies
Danny and the Memories, The Psyrcle, The Rockets, Crazy Horse, Wolves
Ralph Molina
Ralph Molina joined Billy Talbot and Danny Whitten on stage in the early 60’s doo-wop group, Danny and the Memories, replacing his cousin Lou Bisball after he left the group. Soon after, Molina headed to San Francisco with Talbot and Whitten and morphed into The Psyrcle, not long before morphing into The Rockets in Los Angeles. In 1967, Neil Young invited Molina, Talbot, and Whitten to be his backing band after sitting in on a couple of gigs at The Whiskey. The original Crazy Horse was in place with Molina on drums.

George Whitsell
Guitar, Harmonies
The Rockets, George Whitsell Band, Wolves
George Whitsell
George Whitsell joined the psychedelic folk hybrid group, The Rockets, in the late 1960’s along with Talbot on bass, Molina on drums, Danny Whitten on guitar, Bobby Notkoff on violin, and brother Leon Whitsell on guitar. In 1968, they released The Rockets only album, a self-titled set. Though Whitsell didn’t join in with the newly formed Crazy Horse, he continued to appear on Neil Young and Crazy Horse albums throughout the years in bonus tracks from The Rockets. In the newly formed Wolves, Whitsell contributes guitar and harmonies.